List of products by manufacturer Acis

ACIS has established itself in the swimming pool market with two flagship products: Jet counter-current swims and Vipool filtration pumps.

ACIS continues its ascent with the acquisition of Weltico, which specialises in pond equipment. This acquisition allows it to diversify its offering with the manufacture of cartridge filters, lighting and sealing parts.
Today, ACIS is joining forces with WA Conception (manufacturer of electrical and control boxes) and Bio-pool (manufacturer of salt electrolysers and compatible cells) to form the ACWA Group. The pooling of their know-how offers new perspectives in terms of innovation.
Attentive to the needs of its customers and market trends, the ACWA Group has launched its Connected Pool range.
Blueswim and Hydrapool, the result of this alliance, have become staples in the ACIS catalogue.

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