Bio ethanol sublim Bench Fire fireplace

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Bio fireplace ethanol Fire Bench sublim.
No doubt the chimney bio-ethanol range Sublima most functional.
The chimney bio ethanol collection designed for the Luxury collection Sublima® tells simple stories around the fire servant.

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Bio fireplace ethanol Fire Bench Burner Box Sublima.
Your dream becomes reality.
The chimney fire bench Returns to the archetype of pare fire, essential accessory. The traditional andirons wear protection glasses. With two transparent lenses, this fireplace can be placed at the centre of a room.

Bio ethanol Sublima ® fireplace

You will have the ground in all your rooms: living room, hall, room (from 16 m 2).
The Bench Fire will be also ideal outdoors on a patio or even in a veranda and thereby create a contemporary ultra lounge atmosphere.
The fireplace is equipped with a horizontal plane in painted steel (high temperature, black), feet in painted steel, and 2 glass fronts tempered (type safety, high temperature), 1 reflective black and 1 transparent.

Efficiency, aesthetics, ecology and economy are the strong points of the bio-ethanol NeoFlame chimneys.
The chimney has s ethanol installs without work anywhere in your home.

Easy maintenance: this fireplace does not smoke, dust, ash or sparks.
Meet the latest safety standards, just to recharge in ethanol to take advantage of the heat (d) a fire at the former.
An ecological fireplace: bio-ethanol is a clean fuel, this alcohol is distilled from sugar plants.
The burner consumes little fuel and heat loss is minimal.
Ideal to enjoy the magic of a real fire with beautiful bright flames and without constraints. It is the ideal heater for all day, approval and more.
This comfortable, secure and easy to use burner will advantageously replace a classical stove > consult our folder "Bioethanol heating" by clicking here.
Enjoy the spectacle of fire in your chimney to heat you or warm light simply, and because he is mastered, you can use it all year long, even summer evenings!
Use supplementary heating and also design object of decoration.

> This chimney Fire Bench sublim is equipped and supplied with mechanical burner Burner Box Luxury.


> The burner which team the chimney: Stainless steel 304, mono room, filling secure and control the pilot,
-Flap setting for flame and controlled extinction SecurOne > Technology Univeco

-Type of fuel: Bio-ethanol liquid.
-Heating power: 1.9 Kw.
-Consumption and capacity: 0.28 L/h. 2.0 L max (with Visual fill level),
-Duration of outbreak of 6 to 7 hours,

-Energy efficiency: 95%
-Elements: burner stainless steel adjustable, joystick with function stem light fire.

> Manufacturer's warranty: The warranty is 24 months for the structure of the burner and the chimney.
- Mark. Univeco Fire. Research, design so that the tests are carried out in Switzerland. All components (sheet metal, mechanical, stainless steel, etc) have been chosen from the best manufacturers, then tested and validated in Switzerland. Production and assemblies are made in Switzerland and Europe.
-Compliance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

Options and consumables:

- Decorative pebbles,
- Pure ethanol Axifuel,
- Kit window (easy mounting)

Design implementation: Blocks of burning bio-ethanol UNIVECO integratesflushIt means sits flush with the structure receiving. Imagine how it might be easy to decorate a room with a fireplace if only he had no vents, cables or other connections of utility.
Univeco Fire allows you to realize this vision easily using a fantastic green fireplace- create your own masterpieces with our bioethanol burners.

Ecological and economic: Real ecological and economic heating medium (don't dismiss toxic particles in the air, unlike gas-fired systems, coal and wood).  Bioethanol is obtained by using organic materials, organic, biomass.  This fuel ecological, is a completely renewable since energy solely based on the growth of plants. Its impact on the environment is also less than the production of electrical energy, and used with the performing Univeco burners, heat production more economical than an equivalent power electric heater.

Quality and comfort of use:
Our products are conceived, designed and tested to provide all security guarantees required for safe use, therefore they are used in full compliance with the recommendations for use contained on the notice accompanying all our products, without exception.

All our products are subjected to quality at every stage of their manufacture checks and marketed after an ultimate factory control and compliance with instructions, in fixing products, fuel handling and the use of accessories suitable for the ignition and extinction, allow safe use.
Any flame of any type of fireplace or heater or candle naturally exudes a certain quantity of monoxide, our burners are designed to optimize the combustion of ethanol in order to identify a lesser amount than that usually observed on this type of product in quantities strictly below the thresholds of danger for the user. However, it is recommended to use these devices in normally ventilated rooms and therefore, by implication, outlaw any use in cramped or too perfectly caulked parts and without aerator, and this, as for any other heater combustion.
For example, the amount relieved of CO (neutral CO) on our burners is lower than allowed for gas heating appliances. (Standard in 449).
Finally, it is recommended to respect the time of cooling of the burner and the ventilation of the room between two fills before any re-use after flame extinction.
Whether you are owner, tenant, particular or professional these bioethanol fireplaces cater to you!
Fireplace bioethanol duct without work, who don't smoke, which requires no maintenance, which is movable with the sandstone of your desires is the trend of the moment.

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Data sheet

Height450 mm
Lenght980 mm
Depth390 mm
Weight18 kg

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